Easter TIME!!!

WOW!  I have had an over bundle of joy watching all the little faces with the rabbits and chicks this season!  Those little faces bring such a joy to my heart.  My favorites are the close ups.  Second are the action between then children or just doing their own thing.  Goodness, I know these young moms hear this, but let me tell you it goes by WAY TO FAST!  Makes me want to cry typing this.  I wish more than anything, digital was around when my boys were babies!  Wish I had newborn images of them more then ANYTHING I own!  Even my prized Canon 6D and 70-200L lens!  You can’t get it back.  Oh by the way, that’s the big one I carry around when you see me.  And yes it’s heavy!  But it’s my favorite lens.

This is a long post!!!



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