How My Heart Smiles With These TWO!

The two beautiful little girls mother has blessed me with the honor of watching them grow for the past 4.5 years.  Stella Cate and Virginia Anne make me laugh when they are around me, and when viewing their photographs, I cry.  One day before I know it, I will photographing their wedding days.  I maybe using a cane or walker but I’ll be there for them.  Happiness for this photographer is knowing that I do make a difference and for little ones so young to feel at home at my home, talk to me like family.  My style may not be for everyone, but it suits me I think.

I truly have been blessed for I have many loyal friends (yes they our my clients, but I see them as friends and family).  For a bit I over this spring/summer I lost my way.  Got very behind on posting, editing, emails, well just about EVERYTHING!   Partly because internet problems, camping trips, and issues not under my control.  I was getting burned up and feeling lost getting so far behind.  I’m glad to say I’m finally getting caught up (been loading a wedding for Gail and Mark last 2 days)!!!


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