Friday Coffee Thoughts

This morning, sitting here with coffee in hand, fire crackling, and Jack Jack in lap (if your wondering, Sammie is, he’s still in the bed sleeping with Mr. Ronnie),  I see the sun peeking thru the window.  PRAISE GOD I SEE SUN!!!!  Now some spring weather and I’ll be happy again.

The past few months I have been working on re-organizing how I run my business as well as my home.   From my website to the ordering system, to after attending Imaging USA in Nashville, I have rebuilt a new workflow and will to start doing IPS (In Person Sales) at my home.   The newest update will take affect one day this coming week with my ordering system.  Many have had issues finding my pricing.  With this update, I hope to correct this issue.

There are many things I have in mind to work on, however my first priority is the get caught up on my posting and editing for my wonderful clients.  Thank you all for your patience while I was out of town for a week followed by the camping trip with my husband.  Did set my time back a good bit.

Many can see if you are following me on Instagram, I LOVE my newborn/baby photography.  One of my goals was to set up a building here on our property just for my newborn/baby shoots.  Plus set up a quiet area for my computer work.  Doesn’t look like that will happen this year, but it doesn’t mean I’m giving that dream up.  I’m just going to focus harder on getting there!

Not sure if anyone will read my little blog post.  Just thought it would be a nice way for people who didn’t know me, get to know me.  And those who do have little updates.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been with me on the photography journey for the past 6 years! You know who you are!



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